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Visit this site for information about SAT and the PSAT:   Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches can receive two fee waivers in their lifetime.  See the counselor for a fee waiver.

Deshler's school code is 012695.


Get tips on taking the ACT and also register online to take the test with a credit card. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches can receive two fee waivers in their lifetime.  See the counselor for the fee waiver.  See the many free practice tests online at There are five English, five math, seven science, and four reading practice tests: Free.

Deshler's school code is 012695.

ACT practice tests
Free practice tests online. Remember that practice makes perfect!

Free ACT Review for DHS students

Deshler High School offers this website to all Deshler High Students for free; however, the subscription is costly for the school. Students may log on from any computer with Internet. Since the log on information is confidential, Deshler students should ask their teachers or counselors how to log on.

Ace the ASVAB

Free study guide and practice tests  at

Financial Aid
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Site opens Jan. 1 of student's senior year for parents and students to use their tax information and complete the Pell grant form. This money is federally funded and based on income. A parent/guardian and the student each must have pin numbers which will be with them throughout college.  (site for the Pell grant)

This site now requires that applicant and parents link to the IRS website to pull tax date electronically into the FAFSA. Completing and filing tax information earlier than April 15 is strongly suggested because the entire process of applying for the grant will be completed much more quickly.

PIN for FAFSA website

Student and parent each must apply for a personal identification number (PIN) to complete the federal grant form. PINs don't expire and can be used each year.

Great Site for Minority Students

Minority students and parents can greatly benefit from this site:

National Collegiate Athletic Association

 Before the ninth grade, college bound student athletes and their parents should login to the website of the National Collegiate Athlete Association, print the guide for student-athletes and become familiar with its contents. Compare the student's four year academic plan to the NCAA list of approved courses found on the website for Deshler High School. Note the emphasis placed on taking college preparatory classes. Complete the checklist for Division I and Division II colleges.

College bound athletes should register with NCAA after their junior year and request that copies of their high school transcripts be sent twice: at the end of the junior year and after graduation. Make certain that ACT and/or SAT scores are being sent to NCAA by including its code (9999) while listing colleges to receive the scores.

 Be alert to the NCAA definition of core courses--the only ones the NCAA considers. While DHS allows one credit each for Algebra I A, Algebra I B, and Algebraic Connections toward graduation, the NCAA declares each worth only one-half of a core credit in their tally. The ability to earn a credit in Algebra II with Trigonomety at DHS is a must for the college-bound athlete. The NCAA considers only a grade point average based on core courses. There is no substitute for good grades. The NCAA emphasizes a strong academic foundation for its future college athletes. Correspondence courses are becoming unacceptable by the NCAA; see guidelines.

Scholarship Searches
Fast Web
Free. Register and include an email address.

Alabama Mentor
Free. Help and scholarship lists. Register. Explore.

Scholarships for Medical Conditions

Princeton Review Scholarship List

Search for "Scholarship List".   You will be given several articles with links to research.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

A Cancer Survivor?

Scholarships for Hispanics

Lists of Scholarships


for Alabama residents

More scholarship listing

Wired Scholar

School Soup

Scholarships galore

Great link for Minority Students

Career Information
Union Websites


Alabama Career Information Network System

Deshler High School students who have worked in this program have set up their user names and passwords; they can login to the website from any Internet site for the rest of their lives. Link to the site at

Among the many current functions of the program are the following:

  • interest, skills, work value inventories
  • career person matches based on the results of the inventories
  • career research such as outlook for the future, education needed, salary
  • interview skills
  • financial aid help
  • scholarship data base
  • resume builder
  • ability to email a resume

US Forest Service

The US Forest Service has implemented a website, "Working for the Great Outdoors." There are a variety of employment opportunities (both paid and unpaid) ranging from student programs to volunteer programs, and full time employment for men and women with skills in several hundred areas.


This website posts all Federal Employment vacancy announcements. It is the US Government's official source of job and employment information provided to the public at no cost.

National Application Center

US Department of Labor

The information network of the US Department of Labor's Occupational Information, sometimes called O*NET.

Alabama Joblink

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The US Bureau of Labor Statictics online and hard copy of the latest information on employment--updated every two years.

Report Cyberbullying
Report Cyberbullying

If you feel that you are victim of cyberbullying you may report it to the web address listed below. Please also see your school counselor or one of your teachers for further assistance. If you feel threatened, please contact your local police department.