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Friday, May 04, 2018
The PreACT will be given to all 10th grade students on May 10, 2018.


Parents and Guardians,


     I would like to inform you of the PreACT test that will be given to all Deshler High School 10th grade students on May 10, 2018.  The PreACT is a predictive test for how students may possibly score on the ACT.  The PreACT will identify current academic readiness for college level courses and will also identify areas where students need targeted remediation.  The test questions and style of the test are similar to those that students will encounter on the ACT.  With the state of Alabama using the ACT as the standardized test for all 11th graders, students taking the PreACT should gain a stronger understanding and knowledge of the ACT, which in turn should help boost student scores.  The PreACT report scores are similar to the ACT.

     To give you some insight as to why students will take this test, all schools were informed in late March that due to the lack of a standardized test in the 10th grade for this school year, certain portions of a high school's report card could not be measured.  As many of you are aware, all public high schools in the state of Alabama are measured according to Academic Achievement, Academic Growth, College and Career Readiness, Graduation Rate, and Attendance for their score on the report card.  Due to the changes in the state accountability model changing from the ACT Aspire to Scantron, the 10th grade class was omitted from this accountability.  In order to rectify the situation, the Alabama State Department of Education instituted the PreACT as an interim assessment to help measure growth and achievement.

     Please stress to your child that this is a measurement tool to help predict an ACT score and a prediction only.  As with all standardized tests, we want to encourage your child to perform to the best of their ability.


Thank you,

Russ Tate


Deshler High School


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